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Abandon the conventional and embrace the unexpected!

Join the supportive company of women who want to stretch their creative muscles through the craft of writing. These workshops offer powerful writing exercises, supported by meditation and guided visualization that stimulate the imagination, silence the critic and fix pen to paper. Nantucket Writers Studio workshops provide a solid beginning for anyone starting out on the writing path and a boost for those already on their way.

Let the quiet beauty of Nantucket Island inspire change in your writing and in your life

Kathryn's debut novel The Gilder is in stores now!"

The Gilder - by Kathryn Kay - www.kathrykaybooks.com

Set against the exquisite backdrop of Florence, Italy, The Gilder is a compelling and beautifully wrought novel of secrets, friendship, betrayal, and the simple choices that change us forever…

For more information visit kathrynkaybooks.com

Little Gray Island

Little Gray Island
The Memoir Project, Nantucket

The Memoir Project is a program that ran in the Fall of 2010 offering formal instruction and coaching to seniors interested in learning the craft of memoir writing. With the help of a skilled instructor and individual coaches... learn more

Kathryn Kay lives on Nantucket Island where she teaches writing workshops and is the founder the Nantucket Writers Studio. She holds a BA in literature from Lesley College and an MFA in writing from Vermont College. Kathryn believes that everyone has something of value to say. Her workshops cover a range of topics including structure, character, description, and voice, and her background in yoga and stress management helps foster an atmosphere that nurtures the creative spirit and supports the writing process. Kathryn has yet to have a student who wasn’t surprised by the writing they produced in her workshops.

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"Nantucket Writers Studio's quiet space, the inspirational surrounds, and Kathryn's voice and unique teaching style, will coax the muse from any corner of your mind where she might be hiding."

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